Flowers and Fruits

"Flowers and Fruits" is a series of flowers and fruits, which 223 has taken many times as motifs of subjects. The flowers and fruits with vitality and beauty have fascinated many people at any time. 223 consciously treats flowers and fruits in his works, but also there are many images with them that were unconsciously included. The collaboration of flowers and fruits with the youth is fascinating and captivating. The flowering time may be very short. The flowers and fruits with that momentary beauty can be said to be the same existence as the young people 223 has been capturing.

Published by T&M Projects (Japan)
Design: Satoshi Suzuki
Book size: 148 x 210mm
176 pages | softcover(double-jacket)
Limited edition of 800 copies
Published in June.2019
Sold Out

出版社:T&M Projects(日本)
书籍设计:鈴木 聖
尺寸:148 x 210mm
176页 | 双层软封