Lin Zhipeng aka 223
Curator_ Anna Mistal

30 NEW images shot inside Hotel Grand Amour in Oct, 2018 and Exhibited Nov 9-22, 2018 at Hotel Grand Amour, Paris

Anna Mistal presents No.223@GrandAmour, a Photo Exhibition featuring a new body of work by prominent Chinese artist Lin Zhipeng aka No.223. His first solo exhibition outside a white box gallery, a collaboration with Andre Saraiva and Amour Hotels. A site-specific project, Mistal showcases images that Lin shot early October, 2018 inside Hotel Grand Amour, a chic, flamboyant and artsy hotel housed in a Pre-Haussmannian building Located in the eclectic and off-beat 10th arrondissement in Paris.

Lin’s art photography has always been invigorating, touching but never dramatic, simply of pure and raw emotions. Identified by penetrating flash and a lot of nudity that exposes his subject’s empowering presence despite vulnerability. He never plans his shoots, always impromptu and spontaneous. For his shooting at Grand Amour he simply requested for fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, floral fabrics, live birds and some fun props he can play with and incorporate in his frames as he shoots his unexpecting naked subjects against the colorful, vibrant and beautiful rooms of the hotel. All trademarks of his image. He spent some time to just chill and chat with each Asian talent that gladly showed up for his shoot. Just like hanging out with real friends, he was able to make that instant connection which made them relax and comfortable for his lens.

A successful and well received Paris Photo Exhibition in Nov, 2018 with 30 stunning works. Fun, sexy, playful and poetic. Seemingly private moments of ‘hotel guests’ as they inhabit this temporal space of fantasy called Hotel Grand Amour.