Lin Zhipeng (aka n°223)
Photographed Colours of Love, 2005-2021

Photographs by n°223 show us a young generation in China living without restrictions and indulging in the games of love, alternating between moments of exaltation, deep melancholy and playful sexuality.

His images are imbued with a gentle insouciance. The settings, inspired by his own life experience, are poetic, light-hearted, joyful and spontaneous. He photographs his friends, his lovers, their parties, with no constraints regarding nudity, gender or desire, in an explosion of colours and patterns.
The artist's own intimate life is closely linked to his photographic practice. His extremely sensual images often evoke taste and touch, and in them the senses mingle and are omnipresent; his emotions have colours, his memories have a smell. His quest for freedom, freedom in relation
to the body, freedom in his life choices, is fundamental to his artistic expression. He says:

"For me, love and sex are absolutely not taboo. I don't know if I will keep chasing naked bodies with my camera all my life, but I'm still quite young and curious about this world and everything that revolves around me."