Colors of Love
Lin Zhipeng, alias No.223

Saturated colors - A modern expression of nudity - A reality confronted with a form of escape - Melancholy and a liberated sexuality

Galerie Sinibaldi Arles, in partnership with in) (between gallery and in parallel with the exhibition "Love Songs" at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie, presents the third solo exhibition in France of No.223. Lin Zhipeng, alias No.223, born in Guangdong in 1979, is a figurehead of new Chinese photography. The artist took the pseudonym "No.223" more than twenty years ago on social networks, taking the name of a young police inspector, a fascinating character in the film Chungking Express by Wong Kar-Wai (1994). The choice of the pseudonym is no accident, as the work of No.223 is related to the poetic and aesthetic universe of the Hong Kong director - a colorful atmosphere, tinged with loneliness and mystery like many characters in the films by Wong Kar-Wai. Through his photographs, No.223 reveals the physical and metaphorical nakedness of his subjects and their accessories - images at the crossroads between documentary photography and conceptual photography, between reality and dream.

As Luigi Clavareau, director of in)(between gallery, points out, No.223 implicitly unveils the essence of counterculture. It shows us young people who enjoy life and love, passing from moments of melancholy to a liberated sexuality. The framework of his work moves away from, not only the conservatism imposed by society, but also from the indifference of his homeland and the perception of youth.

Commissariat : Luigi Clavareau, in)(between gallery + Sinibaldi Arles